Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and Corruption

Since the introduction of the Bribery Act, companies and their directors have struggled with how far they need to go to balance legal compliance with every day operation of the business.

They know they can pay for a working lunch, but what about the hospitality package to the Olympic Games?

They probably didn’t know that if their agent in China bribes an insider to win a contract on their behalf, that the company itself can be held criminally liable.

At Heminsley...

Heminsley have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, and some of the smallest, to answer exactly these questions.

To help them design strategies to avoid criminal charges and implement adequate measures so that, if push comes to shove, directors can have comfort that they won’t end up in jail and the company won’t face criminal sanction.

We’ve investigated bribery events and corruption allegations across four continents for FTSE companies and SEC regulated businesses.

And we can bring that experience to help you to ensure that your business doesn’t find itself on the wrong side of the law.

But our support doesn’t stop there...

We can help if you want to test your current arrangements or have already suffered an event.

We can also keep you ahead of the curve so that, when the Government’s cross party support to strengthen even the current regime by sanctioning fraud in the same way becomes law, your adequate measures regime will be in place and protecting you.

Whether you need...

  • You need a simple bribery and corruption policy or the design of a strategy

  • To implement training across your business, for your high risk employees, or just for the board

  • To review your adequate measures, have suffered a bribery event, or want to prepare your directors against the risk of a bribery investigation or dawn raid by the Serious Fraud Office

Heminsley can help

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