Employment Tribunals & High Court Litigation

Litigation in the Employment Tribunal has long been conducted by many law firms in the same manner that they might undertake High Court litigation.

This is because some of the countries most senior employment lawyers started out as commercial litigators.

But that methodology can inflate costs, not only for no good reason.

And this can actually be prejudicial to your desired outcome.

At Heminsley...

Our employment litigators are second to none.

Led by an ex-barrister with almost 20 years of employment litigation experience whose methodology for managing employment tribunal cases won the prestigious Financial Times award for ‘Innovation in the Delivery of Legal Services’ (on the basis it cut and provided certainty over costs while increasing success rates).

We have acted for some of the biggest companies in the UK on some of the most complex cases.

While most firms will...

hand over employment cases which progress to the High Court to their commercial litigators, our employment litigation team have the expertise and experience to deal with issues as diverse as bonus claims and the enforcement of restrictive covenants.


  • Your case is in the Employment Tribunal or the High Court

  • You need defend an action for a negligent reference against a departing employee, or a bonus claim from an existing employee

  • You seek an injunction for the protection or delivery up of your confidential information or enforce restrictive covenants against an employee who is competing unfairly

You will have the comfort that Heminsley Law’s employment litigation team have seen it before.

This experience means that, both strategically and tactically, we can help you to be ahead of the game. In turn, this allows you to reduce the risk to the company and affords a better opportunity to achieve your business aims and protect your business.

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