Employment Law

Employment Lawyers...

Who help you to achieve your business objectives rather than limiting themselves to advising companies on what they ‘should’ do in any given situation are few and far between.

Employee relations issues become ever more difficult.

Employment law ever more complex.

Our key strength is to help you find a way through those complex and overlapping issues to achieve the end goal your business needs.

At Heminsley...

We have many years of experience working with employers from SMEs to some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world.

Our employment law experience is unquestionable and our focus will always be firstly on where your business wants to get to, and then on what you can do to achieve those objectives.

While we can help you to meet your compliance needs if that is your objective, we’ll also help you to find shortcuts where you need to, subject always to your own appetite for risk.

A boutique law firm Focussed on quality and service

Heminsley understands that employment law can, on occasion, appear to be a blocker to your business objectives.

That’s why we focus on providing you with solutions to your people problems and the reason our lawyers have been named as some of the most innovative in the country: because providing a solution to your need requires innovation rather than just tell you what the law says!

We also understand that an employee relations issue can’t wait until tomorrow for us to return a call; that’s why our focus is on your needs.

And not only are we responsive, we’re friendly too.

Whether you have...

  • An employee with a disability that is proving hard to manage

  • An under-performing employee raising grievances against anyone who tries to manage them

  • A ‘bet the company’ issue that challenges even the hardiest in your team

You can guarantee we have seen it before and can help you find the way through your employee relations problem.

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