Data Protection

Data Protection

Data Protection, maintaining the privacy of employee data and managing Subject Access Requests, is an issue which is causing increasing stress to employers and the HR community.

Implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, or GDPR as it is sometimes called, is not going to help on that!

We understand that as a business, your support requirements in respect of your employees go beyond employment law.  As a result we also provide support on areas that impact your relationships with your people, such as Data Privacy and Protection.

The Importance Of Data Privacy...

Since the advent of the Data Protection Act the protection of your employees’ data privacy has increased in importance.

The GDPR takes this to the next level. As an example, the 40 day period for dealing with a SAR under the current regime will be replaced with an obligation to comply ‘without delay’.

And while there are circumstances in which the time period can be extended beyond one month, penalties for a failure to comply become significantly more onerous.

How We Helped...

We’ve provided support recently to a range of organisations, from a company who were planning for the impact of Brexit and considering the need to bother with preparations for GDPR, to a business who had received a massive Subject Access Request (also known as a SAR) and who simply didn’t have the manpower to deal with it.

Whether you...

  • Need hands on support, for example to trawl through a lorry load of documents which you have identified as part of a SAR

  • Have the Information Commissioner knocking on your door asking why you haven’t complied with a SAR

  • Simply need to review your current arrangements, or if you want to plan for the future

Heminsley can help.

Our practical guide to GDPR compliance for HR is now live

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